Saturnidae Mundi Part I

3596-001-Saturniidae Mundi pt IBernard d’Abrera

ISBN 3 931374 01 7

(1995) (Goecke & Evers, Keltern, Germany)

177 pages. This three-volume work is the only work covering all the known genera and species of Saturniid moths of the world. Volume 1 covers approx. 550 species in 69 genera (Grammopelta to Rhodirphia). All three volumes are based on the collections of the BMNH (Natural History Museum) in London. As in the butterfly works all figures are in accurate colour, natural size and with synchronously running text on facing page. Hard cover. Laminated dust jacket. Available only from Goecke & Evers, Keltern, Germany:
260 mm x 360 mm

Saturnidae Mundi Part II

45384Bernard d’Abrera

ISBN 978-0-947352-54-7

This volume (published 2012-2013) is the long-awaited Part II, which completes the three-volume series (Part I – 1995, Part III – 1998) treating the Saturniid Moths of the World. The work, as with the other volumes, is based on the peerless collections of the Natural History Museum (BMNH) in London.

Saturnidae Mundi Part III

3765-001-Saturniidae Mundi pt 3Bernard d’Abrera

ISBN 3 931374 03 3

(1998) (Goecke & Evers, Keltern, Germany)

180 pages, treats the larger species from genus Copaxa to the gigantic Coscinocera and Attacus (Atlas moths), and also the Lunar moths (genus Actias) and the Tussore Silk moths (genus Samia). Describes two new species, Opodiphthera goodgeri and Pararhodia setekwa both from New Guinea. Includes generic and species index, and errata for Part I. Available only from Goecke & Evers, Keltern:

Sphingidae Mundi

27Bernard d’Abrera

ISBN 978-0-860960-22-5

Hawk Moths of the World (1986) (E. W. Classey Ltd.)

226 pages. A comprehensive illustrated systematic guide to the hawkmoths (Sphingidae) of the world. It treats all 1,050 species known at the time of publication (1986), figuring all of those in colour, mainly from the peerless collection of the BMNH (Natural History Museum) in London. There is an appendix featuring species not in the BMNH. All specimens are natural size and in exquisitely accurate colour photographs. The accompanying text is generally parallel with the figures on facing pages. This is the most important work on the subject since Rothschild & Jordan, A Revision of the Lepidoptera Family Sphingidae (1903).


Moths of Australia

22Bernard d’Abrera

ISBN 978-0-7018-0486-2

(1974) Lansdowne Press

86 pages. Out of print for many years – a few original copies have been discovered recently. The first book in colour treating the wonderful moths of the Australian Continent. Written and photographed as an introduction to the superfamily. Consequently not all families and genera are covered, only a selection of the common and more interesting ones. Some interesting ‘live’ shots of adults and early stages. Hard cover with dust jacket. 200 mm x 216 mm