Birds of Australia Vol.II

P1030651_0 John Gould

ISBN 978-0-947352-21-9

Frogmouths, Swallows, Swifts, Martins, Bee-eaters, Pardalotes, Crow shrikes, Fly-catchers, Kingfishers

104 plates, 1993

Birds of Australia Vol.IV

John GoP1030703uld

ISBN: 978-0-947352-32-5

Pittas, Bowerbirds, Wattlebirds, Honeyeaters, Sunbirds, Cuckoos, Tree-creepers)

104 plates, 1996

Birds of Australia Vol.VI

P1030680John Gould

ISBN 978-0-947352-17-2

Emu, Kia, Bustard, Plover, Oyster Catcher, Pewit etc

82 plates, 1995