Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies of the World (1961-2015) by Bernard d’Abrera is the sole modern multi-volume work by a single author/illustrator referencing the true butterflies (Papilionoidea) of the world.  This butterfly series is a comprehensive yet synoptic record of the entire butterfly fauna, listing every known butterfly species and many new species and races, since the famous work of Adalbert Seitz of nearly 100 years ago. d’Abrera’s modern reference work is built around the world-renowned collections of nearly 4 million specimens contained in the Natural History Museum (BMNH) in London.

Hawk Moths of the World and Saturniid Moths of the World are two further works (full volumes) written and photographed by Bernard d’Abrera, also based on the peerless collections of the Natural History Museum (BMNH) in London.


‘Because of their close association with all kinds of vegetation, butterflies and moths are amongst the most reliable bio-indicators in nature. Thriving populations of the Lepidoptera are indicators of a healthy environment, therefore this series of volumes is an invaluable aid to environmental scientists.’

12_ Oriental I(2)
06.Neo II

15. Holarctic I
Delectable D1
11. Neo VII_0

The specimens many of which are type specimens or of other archival value, are all reproduced life-size, shadowless, and in glorious colour and brilliant detail. The taxonomic text is classically Linnaean and comprises original bibliographical information, distributions, taxonomic discussion, and biological information including some references to early stages. Commencing his studies in 1969, the author has published 21 volumes according to five faunal regions.

The books are also unique amongst similar taxonomic works in that right from the very beginning of their production they have been designed so that the plates run synchronously with the text for quick and easy reference. All volumes in the Butterflies of the World series, as well as those treating the Hawk Moths and the Saturniid Moths, are printed to the same dimensions – 260 mm x 345 mm and beautifully bound with hard cover and dust jacket with French Fold.





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