About HillHouse

Hill House Publishers was founded in 1982 by world-renowned naturalist and lepidopterist Bernard d’Abrera and his wife Lucilla Wyborn d’Abrera. Since then, they have firmly established the Hill House imprint as publishers of fine books and authentic facsimiles of antiquarian books, prints, maps and documents.


Butterflies of the World (1961-2015) by Bernard d’Abrera is the sole modern multi-volume work by a single author/illustrator referencing the taxonomy of the true butterflies (Papilionoidea) of the world. The work is fully illustrated in colour, and all the specimens figured, including Primary Types, are figured natural size. The works also contain many coloured photographs of different living butterflies in their natural environments, and also several photographs of the Early Stages of selected species.


Hill House have produced a series of now world-famous authentic facsimiles of the works of the ornithologist John Gould. Following the successful printing trials, Hill House won an exclusive licence to re-publish the facsimiles of Gould’s monographs contained in the British Museum (Natural History) in London, now known as Natural History Museum. www.nhm.ac.uk.

Click on link to download the brochure: The John Gould Facsimile Project. Phase II

As well as the works of John Gould, Hill House have published a portfolio of reproductions and facsimiles of rare maps and other documents together with a text entitled ‘The Banks/Cook Portfolio’. This work was dedicated to the historical connection between the United Kingdom and Australia, through the voyages of discovery pioneered by Sir Joseph Banks and Captain James Cook in the 18th Century. Please contact us for more information.

Hill House have recently diversified into the field of Fine Art books with their Constance Stokes: Art & Life, a definitive biography of the Australian artist Constance Stokes.

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