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Forthcoming title - Butterflies of the Neotropical Region Part I (New and Revised Edition)

Announcing the publication of the revision of the world-famous, and ground-breaking Butterflies of the Neotropical Region, Part I (Papilionidae & Pieridae) by Bernard d’Abrera.

Based mainly on the peerless collections of the Natural History Museum (BMNH) in London, the author has re-subjected the two families to a complete taxonomic (sensu Linnaeus) revision, taking note of the latest revisions and publications since 1983. This revised edition, with nearly completely new text, incorporates digital re-scanning of the original film images made by the author in 1983, as well as images he made for other authors, including Racheli (1992) and Möhn (1999).

The author has introduced an up-to-date synonymy based on demonstrable scientific evaluation of polymorphism due to seasonal, altitudinal and sexual factors, as well as to the hitherto poorly understood phenomenon of The Cline. The work also contains serious discussions of the History and Philosophy of the Science of Taxonomy and the fundamental mechanisms of genetics in relation to the Lepidoptera of the world.

By Bernard d'Abrera

Expected date of publication: November 2015

Just published - Constance Stokes - Art & Life (April 2015)

Constance Stokes: Art & Life, researched and written by her daughter Lucilla Wyborn d’Abrera, is the first serious book to be published devoted exclusively to the life and works of Constance Stokes. Also included are two major essays by renowned art historians and authors, Dr. Jane Clark and Felicity St. John Moore. The Foreword is engagingly written in her inimitable style by the author/journalist, Anne Summers.

By Lucilla Wyborn d'Abrera

Print run 500 copies only - available for purchase at all good book shops, National Gallery of Victoria Bookshop, Bookshop of the Art Gallery of NSW, and other art gallery bookshops throughout Australia

Also available at

Recently published (2012-2013) - Saturniidae Mundi Part II

This volume is the long-awaited Part II, which completes the three-volume series (Part I - 1995, Part III - 1998) treating the Saturniid Moths of the World. The work, as with the other volumes, is based on the peerless collections of the Natural History Museum (BMNH) in London.

By Bernard d'Abrera
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